6 Beach Hacks for Your Vacation to Navarre Beach

Take it from the locals, a day at the beach is relaxing but can be exhausting when not done right. Here are a few life hacks, beach edition, to ease your hot summer day.

1. Freeze your drinks the night before.
The sun is always hotter than you think. It warms up a water bottle before you have time to reapply sunscreen. Freeze a few water bottles the night before and you’ll be sure to have ice cold water to quench your thirst. After swimming in an ocean of salt water, there’s nothing like a sip of ice-cold water to refresh your body. You can also add some flavor to your frozen collection – capri suns, Powerade, Gatorade, Body Armor. Just don’t freeze canned sodas.

2. Make your own sand-free lounge space.
All you need is a fitted sheet, your beach bags and cooler. You flip a fitted sheet and spread it out. Then you put something heavy inside each corner to weigh it down, like your tote bag, backpack or cooler. This creates mini walls to keep the sand out. It’s simple and super effective.

3. Stash your valuables where no one would think to look.
Navarre Beach is a pretty safe beach, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get creative and hide your keys, money and phone in a place that isn’t so obvious. Try putting your valuables in an insulated coffee mug.

4. Bring a waterproof fanny pack/pouch.
It’s important to have a dry place for your phone when you’re at the beach. We know you’ll want to use it to snap some pictures and play some tunes. If you want something durable, order one online for about 10 bucks. Just Google search “Waterproof Phone Pouch.”

If you’re trying to be thrifty, a Ziploc bag is the way to go. Not only does it keep the water out, but it keeps the sand out too.

5. Soothe sunburns with Aloe Vera ice cubes.
No one plans to get a sunburn, but it happens. Just in case you forget to reapply your sunscreen every two hours, fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel the night before your beach adventure. Ease the pain and soothe the warm skin.

6. Make a pillow out of sand.
I know this one sounds obvious, but it’s so easy and more comfortable than you would think. Just form a pillow-shaped mound of sand to your preferred reclining level and place a beach towel or sheet on top.

Okay, you are ready for your Navarre Beach vacation. Book your Navarre Beach vacation rental today!