Beautiful Birds of Navarre Beach

When you come to Navarre Beach, you’ll meet more than other beachgoers. The chance of meeting pelicans, great blue herons and other shorebirds is very high. They fish and, in many cases, nest along local beaches. Some of these birds, more elusive up north, have become very accustomed to sharing the beach with visitors.

The most common and popular is the brown pelican, with its long spoon-shaped beak, baleful eyes, and squat body. The pelican is not graceful on his feet, but he can dive into the water with amazing precision and strength. You’ll find the pelican on the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, where he’ll likely be looking for a handout along with the more lanky great blue heron.

Herons have long stick-like legs that appear to bend backward at the knee joints, but appearances are deceptive. What looks like a knee to us is actually an ankle, which explains its flexibility. Herons are also known for their extremely narrow necks and height. Herons are known to stalk up and down the beach, searching for movement that means a fishy meal is within their reach. They can also be spotted standing right next to fishermen.

Both of these beach birds are very photogenic and almost seem to pose for photos. Remember, though, they are still wild birds who need their space and do not welcome a friendly pat. They also need to be self-reliant for food so as fun as it might seem to toss them a meal, it’s better to let them find it themselves. Book your stay today at our Navarre Beach condo rentals and come see the beautiful birds of Navarre Beach yourself